My name is John Leigh, an ambitious and versatile Photographer and Video guy based in London Pimlico, gaining prominence in creating great looking Headshots, Portraits and occasional Glamour.

Everyone needs a good head shot these days for portfolios as well as social media, especially for actors, models, dancers, businesses, musicians,presenters, corporate, journalists and anyone who needs new profile shots creating that are impactful, designed and substantially better than using a mobile phone.

I like to plan and collaborate to create images based on concepts, themes, locations, environments and inspired by costumes, outfits and experimenting with lighting to achieve different looks. I enjoy creating studio style shots and the “studio anywhere” approach to create commercial quality shots for clients using small strobes and LED lighting. I work from my mini studio apartment as well as on location and wherever I am my lighting setups are arranged to best compliment the talent in front of my camera as well as the purpose and mood of the shot and I enhance in post production to finesse the photos to show them at their best. Clients are happy and surprised at the speed of turnaround from photoshoot, to supply of images, to retouching work.
As an advanced photo retoucher I am able to repair, rescue and enhance photos including improving skin tone and remove elements from shots, even add elements, change object colours and clean up noise, design layouts and refine and improve the look and feel of a photo. Ask me for advice on any photo you have that you might like me to review in case I can work some magic.

Right now I’m rebuilding my website and revising my portfolios and have been promoting several Time for Prints (TFP) projects for new faces using my StarNow profile where Im an active member. It’s been a busy few weeks and I’m uploading new shots regularly.
You can get in touch with me using the simple contact form further below.

Additional areas of work I’m involved with listed out for reference.

  • photography
  • retouching
  • videography
  • motion design
  • graphic design
  • 3D modelling
  • visual effects
  • logo design
  • web design
  • ad and banner design
  • audio logo
  • sound design
  • music creation